SBLA Business Fashion Show

The 2018 SBLA Business Fashion show was held on March 22, 2018. The show consisted of four female student models, four male student models, and six professors models. The student models were paired with the fashion consultant, Kathy Friend, where she styled them in two outfits. One outfit was a business professional outfit that demonstrated what to wear to an interview, important business meetings, etc. The second look consisted of business casual, which demonstrated what to wear on casual Friday, or other casual but professional settings. The students then modeled the clothing on stage for other students. The professors wore “What Not to Wear” in a business professional setting. The six professors came up with their best ideas to demonstrate to students what you should never wear. These outfits ranged from Steve Urkel to a ninja. This event was a fun way to hold a business event in a relaxed setting.
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